Your Guide to Elephant Rocks, Denmark

First let us begin with some praise for this stunning and often overlooked destination in the Great Southern Region. Denmark is a cozy little town nestled among the mountains and rolling farmlands with one of the most stunning bits of coastline at its doorstep. From first class farm stays to winery tours that could complete with the famous Margaret River wine region, this place has got it all. One of the top attractions in the area is the famous coastal rock formation called Elephant Rocks. People flock here from around the world just to witness the magic that mother nature conjured up here. For those who are planning to visit this stunning location we have a bit of a guide below to help you chart out your adventure.

What actually is Elephant Rocks?

All along the south western and great southern coastline of Western Australia you will find a collection of amazing rock formations that will leave you speechless, this one is no exception. As the name would suggest, this rock formation actually looks like a herd of elephants playing in the crystal clear blue waters of William Bay National Park. The giant granite boulders are massive and have an impressive presence as they rise out of the calm turquoise waters.

Where can we find Elephant Rocks?

Elephant Rocks is only about 15 kilometers west of Denmark in the William Bay National Park. If you are coming from Perth then you have about a 5 hour drive south. Once you arrive there is heaps of parking that is all well sign posted in the newly renovated car park. Follow the trail down a windy set of stairs and walk between a tiny sliver where 2 massive granite boulders meet. When you come out the other side it will open up to the small but magnificent bay of Elephant Rocks.

Your Guide to Elephant Rocks, Denmark

What can we do there?

Besides spending some one on one time with the stunning landscape you will find here there is lots more to do. Pack your bathers and go for a swim in the clear waters amongst the giant elephant granite boulders. Go for a little rock scramble and forge a way up some of the bigger boulders to get a different vantage point. Grab your phone, camera and or drone to grab the perfect shot to document the moment.

Best time to visit?

In terms of seasons, this location is stunning to visit year round. However it is especially nice to visit in the warmer months of summer so you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and go for a refreshing swim. If you are visiting in summer months (especially if it is around school holidays) expect this spot to be insanely busy. At peak season you may struggle to even find a carpark. But one little tip to avoid the crowds would be to go visit early for a sunrise session or later on the day for sunset when most people have already packed up and headed out for dinner.

What else is there to do?

While you are in William Bay National Park you should check out the other sites around. From Elephant Rocks you can walk 10 minutes to the next bay called Greens Pool which is a very sheltered cove that is great for swimming, snorkeling, or enjoying a wind free day at the beach. Afterwards be sure to enjoy a bit more that Denmark has to offer. Grab a coffee from the light and bright café Mrs. Jones in town and head out on the Scottsdale Tourist Drive that will take you past countless breweries, wineries, and much more.