Where to Surf in Perth

Now we must admit Perth is not a city that is known for its amazing surfing, which is surprising being as it is the gateway from some truly stunning breaks both north and south. However Perth does actually have some cozy city breaks to offer up that are great for learning one of Australia’s most iconic sports. Here you will find a gorgeous coastline featuring white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and crashing waves the whole way along the city coastline. Perth is a superb spot for beginners because it features sandy bottom beach breaks with great whitewater for beginners. Even if you are a bit more advanced there are tons of locations up and down the beach with different waves options. The best time of year for surfing in Perth is in winter because the waves go rather flat in summer but there is always a baby wave to be found nearby or you can jet on over to Rottnest Island for some bigger swell. See our list below of some of the best breaks in the city.

Cottesloe Beach

If you are after a scenic surf or a spot that actually offers lessons then this is where you want to be. At Cottesloe Beach a small swell breaks over white sand and with clear water. Glide over the surface as you take in the stunning views around you. This beach is as famous for its cafes and restaurants as it is for its surf so be sure to grab a pre surf coffee or a post surf pint. And if it is a surf lesson you are after then head on over to the local surf school Perth Go Surf, they will have you kitted out and in the water standing up in no time.

Trigg Beach

This by far is the most consistent and most favored surf break in Perth. Just a short 20 minutes’ drive north of the CBD it is easy to get to. This beach break has multiple peaks which is good because it can get very crowded year round due to its consistency. A decent sized swell is needed to get Trigg beach working but the great thing is that it works in all tides and there are so many peaks that it is easy to find something that suits your needs whether that be some fun whitewash or some bigger punchier waves.

Cottesloe Beach

Rottnest Island

Once you have had your fill of small waves, shore breakers, and white water on the mainland then it is time to head on over to Rottnest Island. This tiny island is located only 19 kilometers off shore from the mainland and is accessible via ferry. So pack up your surfboard and your bike to get around and head on over. There are hidden coves and surf spots all over the island so be sure to go for an explore before jumping in the water. One of the more popular breaks is Strickland Bay which offers a heavy a-frame that breaks over a shallow reef which is great for experienced surfers who are good at going down the line or seeking out barrels. For those who are not totally confident in the water grab a comfy spot on the beach and watch the action.

Scarborough Beach

Just a short 20 minutes’ drive north of the Perth CBD is one of the most iconic beaches in Perth. Known for its beauty and its history as a favorite beach destination in the city, Scarborough also offers some great beginner waves. As with most Perth City waves they are short shore breakers that offer good white water for learning and fast rights and lefts or closeouts for everything else. This spot can be very crowded so try and hit it in the early morning or late afternoon.


This is a great spot for beginners looking for a small quiet spot to learn to surf. Located just 25 minutes south of the Perth CBD this is arguably a quieter version of Cottesloe Beach. The wave height here averages around 1 meter and there is a break wall that offers some protection from the predominant south west wind. If you are after some white wash then head to the northern section which is great for beginners and for a snorkel if there are no waves.


This spot can be hit or miss but it is a great quiet spot with shallow water beach break that is located north of the Perth CBD. Here you can find some punchy dumping waves that break over a shallow sandbar. Normally it is best here for body boarding or for those who don't mind a fast shore breaker. However this spot is also great for beginners who are after shallow water white wash to practice their pop ups and balance on a wave.