Western Australia's Pink Lake Bucket List

A curious combination of algae and high salinity content has resulted in the creation of some marvelous pink lakes around Australia that are a true wonder to behold. Lucky for us Western Australia has an abundance of these stunning destinations if you know where to look. We can thank the ancient river systems of Western Australia’s past for forming salt flats where some of these pink lakes have called home for years. Are you keen to see one of these pink beauties for yourself? Below you will find the most well-known pink lakes to the most remote ones and everything in-between.

Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory, Coral Coast

This is undoubtedly the most popular and the most visited pink lake in all of Western Australia. Located about 6 hours north of Perth near to the popular tourist destination of Kalbarri, this is one of the most impressive pink lakes in the state, well deserving of its fame and popularity. Hutt Lagoon is massive compared to other pink lakes you may come across in your travels. It runs 14 kilometers along the coast and is about 2.3 kilometers wide. A drone photographer's dream, this lake is split up into various different sections each with their own purpose such as natural food coloring, beauty product ingredients, and even prawns. Each section takes on its own hue and can create some stunning contrasts in drone footage and photography. Hutt Lagoon is the best place to stop if you want to see a lake that will be pink year round. Depending on the weather the hue can range from a burnt orange pink to the electric bubblegum pink you see in most pictures. Be sure to also stop in at Kalbarri and explore the gorgeous beaches and the stunning national park while you are up that way.

Western Australia's Pink Lake Bucket List

Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Esperance

The second most famous pink lake in Western Australia is also one of the most difficult ones to get to due to it being located on an island off the coast of Esperance. About a 7and half hour drive south east of Perth will put you in the gorgeous little coastal town of Esperance and from there you can either take a scenic flight or a boat tour to see this stunning natural wonder. Beware of the fake pink lake on the mainland! There is a lake named pink lake nearby to Esperance town that is NOT pink (although at one point long ago it used to be). So be sure not to get confused and drive all the way there to see a normal blue colored lake.

The Great Southern and Wheatbelt Region pink lakes

If you happen to be travelling through these regions be sure to add one of these towns to the list. These are some lesser known off the beaten track pink lakes. In the Wheatbelt region you have the Pink Lake of Quairading, and Lake Grace. These lakes aren’t pink year round so cross your fingers while passing through and hope for a lucky pink day. Also while in the area be sure to check out Wave Rock and the Wave Rock Resort which actually has a manmade salt lake of their own! In the Great southern Region stop by Cranbrook or Pingrup for some pink lake goodness.

Rottnest Island Pink Lake

Lastly we have the famed Perth tourist destination of Rottnest Island. Just a short ferry ride from Perth, this little island is famous for daytime getaways from the city or longer holidays for those who have time. But what most people don’t know is that Rottnest is also home to a pink lake! Now it is not as bright or flashy as the bubblegum waters of Hutt Lagoon or Lake Hillier but it is for sure a shade of pink! Also Rottnest has heaps of other amazing things to see and do while you are there. Don’t forget to take a selfie with the famous Rottnest Marsupial, the quokka between exploring all the swimming and snorkeling spots around the island.