WA Road Trips that are 4WD Only

Planning a road trip around WA? Maybe consider heading off the beaten path this time. Some of the state’s most remote, secluded and most beautiful destinations can be found along these historic 4wd tracks. So if you have a weekend free or a whole month we have a track for you. Pack up the 4wd, throw in the camping gear and the swag and head out for the adventure of a lifetime. No 4wd? No problem, there are heaps of companies who hire 4wd vehicles that are fully kitted out for whatever adventure you are planning! Below you will find a list of some of our favorite 4wd tracks around the great state of Western Australia.

The Canning Stock Route

If you are a seasoned 4wd adventurer and looking for a bit of a challenge then this track is for you. Stretching over 1800 kilometers along a desert track that runs all the way from Halls Creek in the Kimberley’s into the depths of the midwest region. The track is known for being wild, harsh, remote, and is often referred to as the loneliest 4wd track in the world. So if you are looking for a truly isolated and exhilarating bush adventure then this is one for you. Due to the remote nature of the track you must be extremely prepared with rescue and repair equipment on hand. The track always takes a handful of 4wd vehicles victim each year so be prepared to ensure you are not one of them. Set aside at least 14 days to complete the entirety of the track and enjoy the challenge, the isolation, and the fresh outback scenery along the way.

WA Road Trips that are 4WD Only

The Gibb River Road

One of the most stunning 4wd tracks in Western Australia. This track spans over 660 kilometers across the wild heartlands of the Kimberley’s in the North West region. If you are looking for an intermediate track with heaps of things to see and do along the way than look no further. Here you will pass through famous touristic locations such as Tunnel Creek, Bell Gorge, Manning Gorge, and El Questro. Allow at least 14 days to complete the track and explore all of the stunning places along the way. If you are keen for a bit of luxury after your outback adventure, be sure to book a few nights at El Questro and experience true modern luxury with the backdrop of outback gorges, what could be better?

The Holland Track

Starting at the famed tourist attraction of Wave Rock in Hyden, WA this track traverses across 670 kilometers of history. Starting all the way back in the late 1800s by a pioneer man named John Holland established the track as a means for miners to travel to goldfields in the outback. The journey back then took two weeks and was just big enough for the passage of small horse drawn carts. The track these days is still just as narrow! With traffic travelling in both directions it is recommended to go slow (we are talking 20km per hour!). The best time to hit this track is in the spring before the fire ban. During the day you will drive past blooming wildflowers and at night when the cold creeps in you can cozy up next to a warm fire. This track also crosses a number of rivers as well as the rabbit proof fence so be prepared for a 3 days filled with history and adventure.

Steep Point to Dirk Hartog Island

Now if you are a fan of 4 wheel driving but the idea of remote outback tracks just doesn’t suit your fancy, have no fear. This one's for you. If you are someone who loves the ocean, fishing, and anything that has to do with water and beaches combined with the added bonus of bush camping and 4w driving then you need to make your way over the Dirk Hartog Island! In order to get there you have to go to the famous Steep Point, the most western part of Australia mainland. This is an adventure in and of itself along a crazy 4wd track. Once you arrive there a ferry will come meet you (be sure to book the transfer ahead of time because it is likely that there will be no service at Steep Point). The ferry will then take you and your 4wd over to the famous Dirk Hartog Island where you can spend your days exploring, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and so much more.