Valley of the Giants

Located about 4.5 hours drive from Perth are some of the most majestic trees that Western Australia has to offer. Around 20 minutes from Walpole center and down the gorgeous South Coast Highway in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park is a natural attraction that will satisfy the whole family. Here you will find spectacular views from above and below the densely populated tingle tree forest.

Get a birds eye view of some of the tallest timber giants on earth, the majestic western Australian tingle trees. Towering up in the sky you can have a chance to walk amongst the tree top canopy of these beauties. A steel walkway ascends at about 40-50 meters high, around the canopy height of the ancient giants. It is easy to see why this is the most visited place on the rainbow coast. After enjoying a stroll with the giant trees head on into the Wilderness Discovery Center to round off the experience with some educational and entertaining information. The beauty of the Tree Top Walk is the ability to maximize views while at the same time minimising impact on the gentle giants.

Valley of the Giants

Tree Top Walk

The main attraction of the Valley of the Giants is without a doubt the Tree Top Walk. For this attraction you will have to pay a small entrance fee but it is well worth it. For the small fee you are able to go on the Tree Top Walk as many times as you like in one day. We recommend doing the 420 meter circuit at least twice in the day. From here you will witness the stunning views from a new perspective as you get to walk among the giants of the valley. Even those who are a bit unsure of heights will love this experience because they will feel safe and snug at 50 meters with plenty of rails to hold onto.

Ancient Empire Walk

Once you have had your fill of heights and tree tops you can wander on down back to solid ground and go for a walk through the Ancient Empire Walk. This walk takes you along a boardwalk that leads you through a forest of giant eucalyptus trees and tingle trees. This walk is free to the public so if you didn’t pay the admission fee for the Tree Top Walk don’t stress you will still be able to witness these stunning trees from below. Some of the eucalyptus trees are so giant that they aren’t found anywhere in the world and can be as old as 400 years. Here you can get up close and personal with some of the widest trees around. Some of the ancient tingle trees are so wide that you can walk straight through their hollow trunks.

If you are in the area around November time considering visiting this nature attraction during the stunning annual event Opera in the Valley of the Giants. Once a year some of Australia’s most beautiful voices come down to this tingle tree forest to showcase their talents in a truly stunning setting.

So while wandering through the south west region of Australia be sure to add this multi-award winning attraction to the list so you can take a moment to witness the magic of the giant tingle trees.