Unforgettable Station Stays in Western Australia

If you after a true Australian Outback experience complete with the famous rural western Australian hospitality then you might want to consider a station stay for your next getaway. Station stays typically are working cattle stations that offer an array of camping and homestead accommodation options all the way from all-inclusive luxury retreats to off the grid rustic getaways. Below we have a list of some stunning station stays in the state that each offer something uniquely different. Drop off the grid at the coastal Quobba Station, dip into a thermal hot bath at Wooramel, join a long table community dinner at Bullara, or indulge in the exclusive luxury of the El Questro in the Kimberley’s.

Wooramel Station

Nestled under the majestic gum trees along the riverbanks of the Wooramel River. This cattle station is located just an hours’ drive south of Carnarvon and is a great place to stop while adventuring along the Coral Coast. While here you can go on bush walk around the station and through the dried up riverbed, visit the historical tip, do the self-guided 4 wheel drive tour and immerse yourself in the station history, all while admiring the unique scenery and wildlife. During peak season you can enjoy a home cooked camp dinner and community fire pits. This place is also renowned for its stunning astrophotography so pack up your gear and head on over. However the main attraction of the station stay is hands down the naturally heated therapeutic artesian bore baths. These baths have water from over 200 meters deep in the Birdrong aquifer pumped up for your enjoyment and relaxation. So grab a cold drink and unwind as you watch the sunset in these naturally heated pools.

Bullara Station

Located partway between the tourist hubs of Coral Bay and Exmouth this station sits apart from the rest. This working cattle station has a flawless combination of outback peace and solitude that is only an hour’s drive to the world famous Ningaloo Reef. Spend your days snorkeling with manta rays or swimming with humpback whales and whale sharks and then unwind at night out in the bush by the campfire with a blanket of stars above. Be sure not to miss the famous scones and coffee from the café in the morning and if you have the chance book in for a long table dinner at least one night. The station is host to many events such as retreats, astrophotography sessions, historical walks, and live music. This station is well suited for travelers of all types with a large range of accommodation options and prices.

Unforgettable Station Stays in Western Australia

El Questro Station

Deep within the Kimberley’s you will find a stunningly exclusive station stay and homestead. Find yourself fully immersed in the vast and ancient landscape of Australia’s North West. The most exclusive of rooms hang out over the edge of burnt orange cliffs with lush green landscapes and stunning river views overwhelming you in every direction. For activities in the area you will be spoilt for choice. Take a helicopter scenic flight or choose to get dropped off at a private waterfall, go for bushwalks and 4 wheel drive adventures through the stunning Kimberly landscapes. Visit various gorges and waterfalls and take a refreshing dip in the blue waters. Or simply relax the day away at the cozy accommodation while listening to the birds sing and the leaves rustle in the breeze.

Red Bluff Quobba Station

One of the most remote, most rugged stations you will find in the area. Established in 1898 and still a functional pastoral station that spans over 80 kilometers of harsh terrain and stunning coastal dunes and cliffs. At Red Bluff you will immerse yourself in the simple life. Simple structures and amenities are scattered throughout the camp area and most are adorned with broken surfboards that have surfed their last wave on the famous break out on the point of Red Bluff. Here the simplicity of life is boiled down to surf, fish, eat, sleep, repeat. The stay is incredibly rustic despite the fact that they offer eco tents and cabins you will find no cell reception, running water, no showers and only simple drop toilets. So come prepared for stunning rugged coastal beauty, fall off the grid for a while, and a step back to simpler times.