Top Spots for Beachside Camping in WA

In Western Australia there is over 12,900 kilometers of stunning coastline to enjoy. Combine that along with the state's passion for the outdoors and camping and you get the perfect combination for stunning beachside camping locations that will not soon be forgotten. From surf front campsite to secluded bays with stunning snorkeling here are some of the most magical camping spots along the WA coastline. So pack the swag and the hop in the 4 wheel drive and head out on the camping adventure of a lifetime.

Cape Range National Park, Exmouth

The best place to go if you are looking to disconnect from everything and fully immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Ningaloo Reef. The campsites here are all meters from the beach and one of the most stunning reef systems in the world. Wake up and roll straight into the water to swim with turtles, reef sharks, manta rays and so much more all with the stunning backdrop of coral gardens you would not believe. There is limited amenities and no cell phone service, making it the perfect place to disappear off the grid for a little while.

Francois Peron National Park

This national park is best known for its stunning red cliffs, white sand beaches, and vibrant blue waters. The contrast of colors here will have your sense reeling for days. The park is essentially a playground for the 4wd enthusiast and you can spend your days exploring over land and in the water. Hop in a canoe kayak, or SUP and paddle around in the stunning water. Take a dip and don’t forget your mask and snorkel so you can spot all the amazing marine life in the area, cast out a rod, go for a bush walk or simply relax on the beach and take it all in.

Top Spots for Beachside Camping in WA

Lucky Bay, Kalbarri

This is probably one of the most well-known sites for 4WDing and 4WD camping along the Coral Coast. Here you will find a tidy little ranger-run camp ground amongst the scrubby sand dunes brush. Once you air down your tires you can venture out over the dunes to the magnificent Lucy Bay. A popular spot for fishing, diving and crayfishing if you are lucky your evening meals will be fresh caught daily.

Little Bay, Horrocks

This little coastal beach town offers a bit of everything with a laid back coastal feel that gives you an instant holiday vibe. Here is where you will find a hidden gem of beachside camping on the Western Australia coast. Just north of town there is a 4WD track that will take you to a little known place called Little Bay. This tiny secluded bay has water front sheltered campsites with basic drop toilet amenities. Spend your days catching crays in the bay, hiking the sand dunes for a spectacular sunset, surfing the Bowe’s River Mouth, and reminiscing by the campfire.

Sandy Cape Recreation Park, Jurien Bay

Located just north of Jurien Bay and the closest beach north of Perth where you can legally camp on the beach. The site is first come first serve so be sure to get in early if it is a holiday or peak season. Bring your snorkel and go for a dip or try your luck at fishing after a fun 4wd beach explore mission.

Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance

One of the most famous beach destinations in Western Australia for all tourists is undoubtedly Lucky Bay in Esperance. Located in the Cape Le Grand National Park this little bay has stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise blue waters. Kangaroos love to come down to the beach for a cheeky visit each day and it is almost mandatory to get a photo with one on the beach while in the area. There is a lovely campground just at the entrance to the beach with all the amenities for a cozy stay. The beach permits 4wd so head on down the track in the morning and stake out your own little slice of paradise with now one else around.