Top Instagram Spots of the Great Southern Region

The Great South region often doesn’t get the praise it deserves for being an amazing travel destination. From white sandy beaches filled with friendly kangaroos to amazing bush walks that take you through ancient mountain ranges you will be reaching for your camera, iPhone, tripod, and or drone around every corner as you explore this breathtaking area. Here is a bit of a photography guide of our favorite places to go shot in the area as well as some special insider tips.

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grande National Park

Listed as one of the world’s most stunning beaches, people come here from far and wide to witness it for themselves. From kangaroos chilling on the beach to 4wd adventures, to bushwalks, and camping, this place has it all. Snap a classic pic of you hanging out with the locals (the kangaroos are everywhere here and super friendly but please please please don't touch them). You can even get some great content with your van or 4wd on the beach and a nice sunset picnic set up. This beach features hard sand that is accessible for most 2wd vehicles so it is a unique opportunity to get a beach pic with your van set up.

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay

Another magical little bay located in the great southern region. This bay is famous for its rock formation of two boulders in the middle of a white sandy bay. One round circular rock is met by a crescent moon rock that makes for an epic drone shot. You can also spot dolphins frolicking in the bay and if you are keen for a snorkel you might be lucky enough to spot one of the elusive weedy sea dragons that inhabit the region.

Top Instagram Spots of the Great Southern Region

Castle Rock Granite SkyWalk, Porongurup National Park

Just north of the town of Albany is a stunning national park that is often overlooked due to its close proximity to the Stirling Ranges. However if in the area be sure to check out the granite skywalk at castle rock for the perfect insta snap. Here you will find a steel walkway built into the face of a missive granite boulder providing you with breathtaking 360 degree views. If you visit during sunset or sunrise you will have some nice cotton candy skies filling your background and this is another great spot to launch the drone so you can really capture the magnificence of the area.

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Tingledale

Get a birds eye view of some of the tallest timber giants on earth, the majestic western Australian tingle trees. Towering up in the sky you can have a chance to walk amongst the tree top canopy of these beauties. A steel walkway ascends at about 40-50 meters high, around the canopy height of the ancient giants. It is easy to see why this is the most visited place on the rainbow coast. After enjoying a stroll with the giant trees head on into the Wilderness Discovery Center to round off the experience with some educational and entertaining information. The beauty of the Tree Top Walk is well worth the entrance fee and while you are high up in the tree tops you can grab the perfect shot to add to your feed.

Elephant Rocks & Greens Pool, Denmark

All the way down along the South Coast in William Bay National Park near Denmark is one of the most stunning rock formations. At elephant rocks you will walk down a tiny staircase and shimmy through a small crack between two boulders that will magically open up into this Instagram worthy bay. For the perfect shot go at sunrise before the crowds and climb up one of the rock boulders for a unique vantage point. If you have a drone this will be the perfect spot to use it and capture the stunning blue water against the smooth round boulders.