Top Instagram Spots of Australia’s South West

If you love to explore and capture beautiful places in Western Australia then the South West region is probably at the top of your list of places to go for photography. From stunning coastal landscapes featuring natural spas and much more to lush green forests full of ancient trees and fresh air. There are so many stunning places around here that you will be pulling out your camera, iPhone, tripod and or drone all of the time. Here is a bit of a photography guide of our favorite places to go shot in the area as well as some special insider tips.

Black Diamond Lake, Collie

Now you might not suspect a relatively remote inland town to make the list of top Instagram spots but just wait till we tell you that the spot is actually a former mine site, even more surprising, right? This is an up and coming Instagram hot spot as more and more people are starting to hear about it. Here you will find an artificial lake filled with the bluest water you will ever see. Visit on a sunny warm day and bring a cute pool float for the perfect pic. You can even camp down the road at Stockton Lake, another blue lake with waterside camping available.

Boranup Forest

For those looking to show off their van or 4wd rig in one of the most picturesque settings then this is where you will want to head. Deep in the forest surrounded by ancient karri trees, this lush green oasis is featured on many influencers' feeds if they have been to the region. For the best pic head there during sunrise or sunset when the light is soft and wear something that will contrast well against lush green surroundings. Also if you have a drone launch it up to get a unique perspective with your amazing rig sitting in the middle of the winding forest road and tall lush karri trees surrounding it on either side.

Injidup Natural Spa, Yallingup

One of the most magical places along the south west coast. Located near Yallingup, this natural rock pool is truly stunning. If you catch it at the right tide you can even watch as the large swell spills through a crack in the rocks and fills the rock pool with bubbles, thus creating the natural spa. Bring your bathers, your camera, tripod, and if you have one, your drone to capture the perfect moment here. This spot is incredibly popular with influencers and tourists so if you want the place to yourself we recommend going for sunrise. That might mean a harsh 4:30 am alarm but trust us it will be 100% worth it.

Top Instagram Spots of Australia’s South West

Busselton Jetty, Busselton

This iconic landmark of the south west is great for creating insta worthy content. There are so many opportunities here for the perfect picture. Most people will opt for a sunset photo featuring the little blue jetty houses near the entrance to the jetty. However if you would like to try something different consider going for a dive with Dive Busselton Jetty where a professional photographer will capture the unwater magic that you will experience. This is another great spot for the drone as well. Launch up the drone and get a nice aerial of one of the longest jetties in WA.

Hamelin Bay

If you want to get some cool shots with local marine wildlife then the best place to make that happen is in Hamelin Bay. Here wild stingrays come to the very edge of the shore to visit the humans that are waiting for them there. Sometimes visiting in large groups and always very friendly, it is a unique experience. You can even launch a drone on a calm day and see the gentle silhouette of all the stingrays below.

Margaret River Vineyards

Those of you who have heard of Margaret River before will know that it is a region famous for its stunning wineries. As you drive through the region you will pass row upon row of rolling vineyard grapevines. Some vineyards even allow you to wander through the rows of grapevines with your glass of vino for the perfect photo op.

Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste

Sunset photography at its finest! This is an amazing location to say goodbye to another amazing day in the South West region. Located on Cape Naturaliste you can watch the sun as it slowly dips down behind a huge rock and creates gorgeous sun flares for you to capture on your camera as it dips down. Seat yourself, your loved one, or your family on a cute picnic blanket on a rock nearby and pose with a tripod and timer for the perfect sunset moment.