Top Instagram Spots along the Coral Coast

If you are keen to snap some seriously insta-worthy material when travelling north of Perth we have compiled some our favorite spots that you shouldn’t miss. Our guide to the top Instagram locations starts out at the Pinnacles and follows the Coral Coast Highway all the way up to the Ningaloo Reef. There are tons of spectacular locations along this unforgettable drive and we will share with you our personal favorites from Pink Lakes to unforgettable marine life interactions.


Just a short two hours’ drive north of Perth you will find one of the strangest out of this world landscapes called the Pinnacles. This desert is located in the Nambung National Park and features a self-drive tour through the stacks of limestone pillars that stand alone in the yellow sand desert. Some pillars reach as high as 3.5 meters and they are grouped by the thousands in the surreal desert landscape. If you are after a truly stunning photo try to visit around sunrise or sunset to add some color or if astrophotography is your thing come at nighttime for some otherworldly shooting material.

Jurien Bay Sea Lions

Next up on the list are some of our favorite underwater friends. The Jurien Bay Sea Lions are a local colony of endangered Australian Sea Lions. These sweet little guys live at the Sea Lion Marine Park and can be visited on a snorkel tour with Sea Lion Charters. Be sure to snap a cute photo of these playful creatures while you are here. Also if you have a drone head over to the old pier and get some great aerial photos.

Horrocks Beach Jetty

If you have a drone and are after some shots of stunning blue turquoise waters then this is your spot! Even if you don't have a drone it will be hard to resist snapping a photo off the Horrocks beach Jetty. On a clear day you will find the turquoise blue waters that make the coral coast so famous as well as some coral formations and snorkeling nearby. Hop in the water with your favorite floaty, launch the drone in the air and let the photo shoot begin!

Top Instagram Spots on the Coral Coast

Pink Lake Port Gregory

This location is otherwise known as Hutt Lagoon and is one of the most magical and colorful photos you will capture along the way. This lake varies in color depending on the conditions but can be anywhere from pinkish orange all the way to bubble gum pink. The salt lake stretches for miles but be sure to park at the designated lookout before wandering around for your perfect shot. This is another great spot to take the drone out and get some aerial shots as well.

Natures Window Kalbarri

This is hands down the most instagrammable spot in Kalbarri National Park. Here you will find an ancient naturally formed rock arch that perfectly frames the views of the Murchison river 150 meters below. The window is large enough for a few people to sit inside for a stunning photo of this spectacular rock formation.

Shell Beach Shark Bay

Can you imagine a pristine white beach with calm blue waters that has no sand. At shell beach you will find just that! A beachcombers dream awaits as the entire beach here is made up of only shells. Come sift through and hunt for your favorite shell and snap the perfect photo while you are at it.

The Cactus Garden Carnarvon

Located on the Fruit Loop drive trail in Carnarvon this is a definite Instagram hot spot on the Coral Coast. Here in the middle of Carnarvon’s plantations is a garden of cacti and various other unique and whimsical objects. Be sure not to miss this truly insta-famous spot.

King waves kill sign

Located at the Carnarvon Blowholes it is almost required to stop and take a photo under this sign when passing through. The sign sits high on two large wooden posts. Drive your big rig under the sign or pose under the sign with your surfboard for the perfect photo.

Turquoise Bay

Located in the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth this spot is definitely the most popular destination in the national park and for good reason. Here you will find an unforgettable drift snorkel where you will most likely meet a turtle or two and maybe even a reef shark if you are lucky. You can also bask in the sun on the white sand beaches or go for a swim in the calm blue waters.

Whale Sharks, Humpbacks, and Mantas Oh My!

The Ningaloo reef is home to the big 3 most popular marine interaction opportunities in Australia and possibly even the world. Here you can go on guided tours that will allow you to get up close and personal with some very large and truly majestic sea creatures. Be sure to book a tour in advance and check which season is best for what you want to see.