Springtime in Margaret River

Spring has sprung down south and there has not been a better time to come and celebrate new life, fresh spring air, and the first taste of summer. New leaves are emerging from trees, flowers are in full bloom and a list of unforgettable experiences are waiting just around the corner. From gourmet picnics, to world-class mountain biking, to unforgettable nature and wildlife interactions there is something here for everyone. This is without a doubt the perfect destination for a much needed springtime retune after a long harsh winter.


For the nature lovers springtime is the most magical time in the area. Between the birds singing their springtime melodies as the baby leaves and flowers emerge from their winter hibernation there is so much to see. Go on a bush walk or hike through the forest and meet the giant karri trees which can grow over 90 meters tall.

If it is wildlife you are after consider checking out the Raptor Wildlife Center. Here you can see eagle flying displays, owls, falcons, hawks, and even a wildflower trail. Western Australia actually boasts one of the best and most diverse locations for wildflowers in the world. Over 12,500 species emerge and blanket the floor with a carpet of vibrant colors and scents that will have you coming back for more.

Springtime in Margaret River

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking was in fact one of Margaret Rivers best kept secrets that has recently been discovered. The area is full of amazing trails and it is quickly receiving a reputation as one of the best spots for mountain biking in the country. Everything from smooth gentle tracks for the whole family to hardcore dirt jumps and challenging rides can be found here. And do not fret if you forgot to pack the bikes. There are heaps of places around where you can organize hire bikes. If you are in Margaret River be sure to stop by Life Cycle Bikes, they are located just in town and they are right near the entrance to some amazing bush tracks.

Water Adventures

Springtime in the Margaret River region can mean one thing for the Indian Ocean and that is the southerly migration of the humpback whale. Between the months of October to December you will see these elegant marine mammals as they make their great migration back to Antarctica, often with a small calf in tow. If seeing these majestic creatures from lookout points in town does not satisfy your cravings then simply book a whale watching boat tour to have a chance to see these beauties up close and personal.

Foodie Haven

Now most people who have been to Margaret River or even simply heard of it mostly think of food and wine. This is a very true sentiment of the region. Although the nature, wildlife and everything of the sort is truly stunning, the main attraction of the area is definitely centered around the culinary delights that can be found around every corner. Margaret River is home to some of the best food made with locally sourced produce and award winning chefs. You can also find delicious pastries, cheeses, wines and so much more as you stumble through the region on a foodie field trip

World Class Wineries

Last but not least there is the main attraction of the region. Margaret River wineries are so iconic and so hard to top that you can easily see how some of the country's best wines are produced here. With more than 95 wineries with many of them rating 4 or 5 stars you are spoilt for choice. A visit to the oldest vineyard is always a classic choice and you will not be disappointed by the history of Vasse Felix Vineyard. This is by far the most visited winery in the region and for good reason. We also recommend that you stopin at Amelia Park as well as the Berry farm for some tantalizing spring wines as well as a delicious spread of scones with handmade jams and fresh baked cakes.