Perth’s Best Kiteboarding Beaches

Summertime in the heart of Western Australia is the best time to get involved with watersports, and one of the most famous is kiteboarding. Perth is famous for having some of the best kiteboarding spots around, various spots are even recognized worldwide as top riding spots. So whether you are a beginner keen to learn something new or a seasoned pro there will be an epic kite location waiting for you just down the road. Below we have compiled a list of some of our favorite spots in and around Perth that showcase some of the best flatwater riding, wave riding, as well as beginner spots.

Swan River, Melville Beach

Possibly one of the most city central kiteboarding locations, Melville Beach is located on the Swan River and offers some great shallow, flat water with minimal current. The spot is part of an upscale neighborhood with lots of impressive riverside houses for you to gawk at during your session. Due to the calm, shallow, flat water this is also a great spot for lessons and beginners. The parking is free here and not far from the rigging area but try to come before 6pm because the spot gets quite busy with kiters coming for their after work sessions.

Safety Bay

This is one of the most famous flat water spots in all of Australia and pros from around the world come here for training in freestyle riding. Another huge plus for this spot is that there are no sharks due to the fact that it is essentially a large pond of water. This spot is great for beginners and it is only a short 45 minutes’ drive from the Perth city center. The sea breeze works like clockwork here and by the afternoon you can expect a constant 25 knots of wind nearly every day.

Perth’s Best Kiteboarding Beaches


Fremantle has a strong afternoon sea breeze which makes it an amazing place for kiteboarding. Some popular spots in the area include Leighton beach, Port Beach, and Woodman Point. Leighton beach is the perfect spot to start surfing waves due to the fact that the swell here is very small. If you decide to go to Woodman Point be aware that there are 3 beaches here. Beach number 1 is onshore winds and great for schools and beginners, beach number 2 is a bit choppy and better for intermediate riders and beach number 3 offers great flat water riding for advanced riders due to the fact that the winds are typically cross offshore.


Although this spot may be overshadowed by Safety Bay, it is an epic flatwater spot that gets little recognition. In the Estuary of Mandurah you will find a land breeze with shallow flat water that is suitable for all levels of kiteboarding. Beware of the seaweed patches here though because there can be venomous catfish lurking about so be smart.

Margaret River

Now this spot is only for the pros to try. Here you have some massive waves that can get up to 4 meters in height. An amazing spot for advanced wave riders who are looking to grab a barrel. Entering and exiting the water can be risky here due to large shore break and rocks in the area so beware. And for those who are not ready to take on the big swell then grab your beach blanket and have a front row seat for the show. Watching these riders conquer this spot is truly amazing.

Pinnaroo Point

Another classic Perth favorite kite location with local and international riders flocking here for a session. Located just north of Hillary’s Boat Harbour this spot offers sideshore winds and some sizable rollers to launch off of. This spot is best suited for intermediate riders due to sideshore winds and deep water. However there are schools that operate here so if you are not yet confident enough to go alone then grab a lesson and start working on some deep water riding.


This small crayfishing town is located 2 hours north of Perth and is the perfect combination of flatwater and wave riding. With a massive swell rolling through here each year it is no surprise that the Ocean Classic windsurfing competition takes place here each year. Drive straight on the kite beach and set up for the day with the flat water in the front of the beach and the waves breaking in the back along the outer reef wall.

Rottnest Island

Perhaps the Perth City beaches have become a bit dull and you need to spice things up for your next kite session. Grab your boat or catch the ferry over to Rottnest Island for a little kite vacation. Here you will find some of the most stunning beaches with plenty of wind and turquoise blue waters to glide over. The spots here are Salmon Bay and Bickley Bay, take note that no schools operate on the island so it is best for groups of intermediate and advanced riders.

City Beach

Now for those who are looking to improve on their wave riding and have already mastered some of the smaller wave spots around then City Beach should be next up on the list. From here there is an epic downwinder that starts in City Beach and runs all the way to Trigg beach. Along the way there is a heavy beach break that can be surfed the whole way through making this downwinder well known for expert wave riders.