Perth’s Best Asian Fusion Eats

Are you after some true authentic Asian eateries with a modern flare? Can’t be bothered to hop on a plane and fly part way around the world for those unforgettable meals you had on your last Asian adventure? Well lucky for you the city of Perth is bursting with new and creative Asian fusion eateries. Try to work your way through this list of our favorites in the new year. From a secret noodle bar to a Japanese restaurant that cooks your sushi with a blow torch, these stunning restaurants will not disappoint.

Three Sisters, Leederville

A tiny little eatery squeezed into a small venue in Leederville. This place might not look like much from the outside but you will find some of the most stunning traditional Vietnamese food around behind these doors. So if you are in the mood for some heartwarming pho or some of the most amazing banh mi than look no further.

Lucky Chan’s Laundry + Noodle Bar, Northbridge

This little hipster Asian food gem might look a bit like a laundromat upon first looks but head on through the dryer door under the open sign and get transported into one of our favorite Asian restaurants in the city. Try the ramen or the boa and pair it with one of the signature cocktails for a true culinary experience.

Perth’s Best Asian Fusion Eats

Modern Eatery, Fremantle, Mount Lawley

Get ready for your idea of Sushi to change forever. This place brings traditional Japanese sushi culture straight to Perth. Here sushi isn’t just the $3 hand roll you buy at the shopping center. Following tradition the sushi here is served fresh and at room temperature and is designed to be a communal and social eating experience. The specialty here is the traditional Japanese Aburi sushi which is where the fish is coated with a special house made sauce and then partially cooked with a blowtorch. The result is a buttery and smokey flavor to some sushi classics. A must try would be the Salmon Oshi nigiri and pair it with the crunchy salad for a combo that is to die for.

Old Lane Street Eats, Northbridge

One of the most affordable options around. If you are trying to save some coin but still want to enjoy a good Asian feed then this is the place for you. This classic eatery is tucked in a small alleyway in Chinatown in Northbridge and has a cozy Asian street food vibe. If you are feeling adventurous try the Roti John which is a chili-cheeseburger bun filled with beef, egg, onion, sambal, sriracha and kewpie mayo for just $9.90!

Miss Chow’s, Claremont, Whitfords, South Perth

Come for the dumplings and stay for the cocktails. This modern and airy eatery is a fresh twist on the classic Chinese fare. Also known as the Dumpling Queen of Perth this spot is a must for all the dumpling fans in the area. With three locations throughout the city and delivery service available this is one of the most accessible Asian feeds you will find.

Ippudo, Kings Square, Cannington

Japanese Asian fusion at its finest. If you are after a true bowl of soul quenching ramen then this is your spot. The streets of Tokyo are brought right to your doorstep. You will not be disappointed as you slurp your way through their authentic creamy broth with additions such as miso pork, bean sprouts, pulled pork buns, sushi and sake to round out the meal.