Perth Street Art Tour

From a humongous rainbow built out of sea shipping containers, to a public art gallery in a laneway and everything in between. The art in this city can’t be contained by 4 walls and has been jumping out into the streets for decades. Whether you are looking for a bit of an artistic angle to your Perth holiday or if you are simply after a fun day of free activities that gets you out of your hotel room and adventuring around the city we have the perfect list for you. There are so many amazing public art features around the entire city but we have put together a list of our all-time favorites for you to enjoy.

First Contact, Elizabeth Quay

We start our art tour in Elizabeth Quay, the tourist hub of Perth. A stunning picturesque spot sits along the river and is filled with great works of art. One work of art that we would like to draw your attention to though is the polished aluminum bird sculpture. This sculpture is one of the first major Noongar public artworks in the Perth CBD and it tells the story of the Noorgar people’s first encounter with the British settlers in the early 1800s.

Connectus, Kings Square, Perth

Floating high above your head and illuminating Kings Square with an ever changing light, this reactive installation will have you memorized. Designed by a Sydney based artist this single curving looping line runs its way along the spine of Kings Square and illuminates itself in response to the actual level of light at the site.

Perth Street Art Tour

‘The Mob’ Kangaroo’s on the Terrace, Stirling Gardens

Celebrating Australia’s most beloved kangaroo. This series of sculptures features bronze kangaroos enjoying the urban space. Some lap water from the pond, others are captured in full flight as they leap across the gardens. A simple reminder of what our urban landscapes once looked like.

East West Design, Fremantle

One of the most iconic and extensive murals in Perth. This amazing mural spans over 140 meters along the exterior of a furniture warehouse. Painted by a local artist the mural gets added to regularly. From walking along the wall you will see scenes of a cute café in France to scenes from Rottnest Island. You can take a trip around the world and back again through this stunning mural.

Lightbox Laneway, Highgate

Local art hits the street in this one of a kind public exhibition space. Located in Highgate between St Michael’s Restaurant and Orno Interiors you will find this unique space. The small laneway has 8 lightbox cabinets that showcase local artists' work for three months. A fabulous way of bringing fine art to the streets and allowing everyone to get involved.

Containbow, North Fremantle

We saved the best for last! This public art feature is located in North Fremantle just across the old Fremantle Bridge. Here you will find 9 custom colored sea shipping containers stacked in a rainbow arch that is 10 meters high and 19 meters wide. One of the most instagrammable spots in all of Perth this public art installation should be on the top of your list.