Perth City: Things to Do

When it comes to travel around Australia it is safe to assume that cities like Melbourne and Sydney are on the top of everyone’s lists. One city that is often overlooked is the far away city of Perth. All the way over on the west coast the capital of Western Australia sits along one of the most picturesque coasts in the country. Now most people will focus their Australian travels on the east coast of the country but the west coast is a true wonder and if you are willing to put in the effort to go over west you will be amazed at all the destinations waiting to be discovered.

Perth, being the capital of western Australia, is at the center of it all. Here you will find a young and modern city that is unlike its eastern cousins. Perth manages to maintain a small town feel even though it is the biggest city in WA. The city got its start and continues to grow thanks to the mining and offshore drilling industry. Some people say it encapsulates everything that defines Australia. The city manages to balance a dichotomy between key characteristics that gives it such a unique feel. Here you will find a rugged coastline and red dirt national parks as the backdrop to the sleek and sophisticated city center. The modern high rises in the CBD are contrasted by the rustic country feel of the suburbs surrounding it. And most of all the relaxed country vibe permeates through the city and you can see it has the heartbeat of a small country town despite being the biggest city in WA.

Now when setting out to explore Perth you will most likely be led to places outside the city center such as Rottnest Island, Freemantle, Swan River Valley, Penguin Island, Scarborough, and much more. However the city itself should not be overlooked because there are some unforgettable destinations hidden amongst the sky rises.

Perth City

Start your day off with a stroll through the famous Kings Park Botanic Gardens. If you need a kickstart for your day be sure to stop in at the Botanical Café or Zamia Café. Afterwards if you are feeling the caffeine and up for a walk check out the Federation Treetop Walk with lovely views of the city and the park from above. If you haven’t had your fair share of heights yet then head over to the DNA tower for a bit of a stair climb that will reward you with views of the park and maybe even a toned booty.

From the park it is only a short walk to another Peth City hotspot. Barrack Square and Elizabeth Quay are up next and they sit right alongside the Swan River. Offering some nice eateries and hosting many events these spots are a hub of activity. From here you can also visit the bell tower, hop on a ferry, or even go on a segway tour around the city.

From here there are a couple options for the rest of your day. You can wander over to an area called Northbridge which is a great place to find some awesome food for lunch and also is the arts and cultural area of Perth city so if you are after an afternoon exploring museums and galleries this is the spot for you.

You can also opt to explore some of the many parks located in Perth City and seek out some truly incredible city views along the way. Some parks we would really recommend exploring would be Hyde park and Gloucester Park. From Gloucester Park you can even wander over the Matagarup Bridge which offers spectacular city views and takes you over to the famous Optus Stadium for some more sightseeing.

This young and modern city should be sneaking its way onto everyone’s travel itineraries for Australia. With so much to offer not only in its surroundings but also in the city center itself, this is not a place to be missed. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a young family, a retired couple, or even visiting on business be sure to check out at least one attraction from Perth City. Located on the banks of the Swan River with a massive park situated on a hill overlooking the city, as well as being alongside the beach this city is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and sightseeing.