Perth City Parks

In the midst of the sprawling urban landscape that is the great capital city of the West are some lovely little lush green corners waiting to be discovered. Scattered throughout the city you will find secluded leafy parks that have you feeling like you are exploring in a national forest. You can also find pristine manicured gardens with wide open lawns that are the perfect sunny afternoon picnic spot. Whatever vibe you are after we have got you covered in our list of top Perth City Parks, fresh air and good times will be headed your way.

Hyde Park

If you are after a small, classically gorgeous respite from the hustle and bustle of the city then look no further than Hyde Park. Here you will find a slow-paced leafy city park centered around a serene lake with flame trees constantly admiring their reflections in the calm waters. As you wander through the park Old Moreton Bay Fig trees will stretch their limbs over your head and create cozy cover over the footpath. With all of the majestic trees this is the perfect park to come to if you are looking for a true display of seasons, with yellow amber hues in autumn to colorful flowers in spring this park will leave you mesmerized.

Victoria Gardens

This little gem is a well-manicured garden along the banks of the swan river as it meanders its way into Claisebrook Cove. This garden was first planted in the 1800s making it in fact one of Perth’s earliest gardens. The garden and the area lay unrecognized for centuries until a revamp in the 1990 as it became the centerpiece of the new Claisebrook Cove Village development. Now you will find a cozy little park along the water’s edge with a lovely pedestrian footbridge crossing over the Claisebrook Cove for some of the best views. Scattered along the water’s edge you will also find a cluster of small little cafes that are the perfect coffee stop or if you are up for it the best spot for a long lazy brunch in the sun by the water.

John Oldham Park

Sometimes referred to as Perth’s best kept secret city park. You will be shocked to find this little oasis that is complete with a lake and a waterfall in the middle of the city and even more shocked that you haven’t heard of it before. Named after Western Australian landscape architect, this is a great spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Walking and cycling trails are in abundance here and the park is located just at the foothills of Kings Park. This picturesque hidden oasis will surround you with lush greenery and the tranquil sound of flowing water and singing birds.

Perth City Parks

Stirling Gardens

Here you will find a park that is actually famous for its artwork as opposed to its flora. Kangaroos statues make this park the most recognizable park in the city as well as the most photographed. Aside from the iconic marsupial statues you will find here the oldest public gardens in Perth. Tall palm trees with the help of a stone wall border the park which features Jacaranda trees, a massive Moreton Bay Fig tree as well as a water feature.

Kings Park

Now clearly no list of Perth City parks would be complete without the famous Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. The city is quite literally known for this park and for good reason. Kings park is one of the largest inner city parks in the whole world. From here you can catch some unforgettable city views, find a secluded hideaway, and walk amongst the treetops on the Federation Walk.

So pack your wine and cheese, your footballs and trainers, your picnic blankets and your favorite book. Catch up with your friends, family, or coworkers as you enjoy the fresh air in some of our cities finest green spaces.