Injidup Spa: Everything You Need to Know

A true natural wonder awaits you in Western Australia’s southern region. Here there are natural wonders around every corner. From caves to forests to naturally formed rock pools this spot will not disappoint. And one of the most famous rock pools in the Region lies just south of a small town called Yallingup. Here you will find the Injidup Spa, a naturally formed rock pool that has become a famed Instagram hotspot and family holiday stop for many. Below we will tell you all about the spa, what it is, how to get there, and what to expect.

Just a short 3 hour drive south of Perth through the beautiful countryside full of farm land and small towns will transport you to the Yallingup region and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. This is a stunning part of the coastline and it is only a 30 minute drive from the esteemed tourist destination town of Margaret River. To find the spot it is best to google Nature Spa in Yallingup and follow the map to the car park. From there you will have a little walk/ rock scramble that is about 200 meters long from the carpark to the spa. If you follow the trail to the left of the car park you will have a simpler track and to the right there is a longer trail with more rock scrambles if you would like to add to your adventure.

Injidup Spa: Everything You Need to Know

Once you arrive here you will be greeted with the same views that you have seen on all the websites, blog posts, and Instagram pictures. A stunning rock pool with crystal clear waters and the occasional wave coming and crashing over, spilling into the rock pools and causing the natural spa effect. Bear in mind that this is a major tourist destination so if you are wanting to enjoy the spot with a bit of privacy and seclusion then we highly recommend going early in the day. We are talking REALLY early. It is best to arrive for sunrise, which in summer can be before 5am! But once you see the sky light up with cotton candy colors and watch as the glow of the sky is reflected in the clear calm waters of the rock pool that you will most likely have it all to yourself, it will be well worth the 4am alarm.

If you are able, the best time to visit would be for sunrise on a weekday. If this is not possible than go at whatever day and time you can manage, because even full of people this spot is truly stunning and you will not want to miss it even if you have to fight tooth and nail just for a car park (it can get extra busy during holidays). Also if you have the option try to catch the lowest tide of the day, this will ensure that the water in the rock pool is as clear and as calm as possible.

Once you have gotten the perfect shot for the gram and flown the drone to your heart's content then we recommend you spend the rest of your day exploring the surrounding area. The main beach, Injidup Beach, is just a short 5 minute drive south and is a very popular spot to fish, surf, or simply relax for the day. With a stretch of stunning white sand and turquoise blue water, this spot will take your breath away. You can also take a 10 minute drive to the north and see another amazing rock formation on the ocean's edge. Canal Rocks is a great spot to watch the sunset and go for a rock scramble. And if you venture even further north you can also catch another famous rock formation called Sugarloaf Rock.

Some other beautiful natural wonders in the area are the naturally formed caves that line Caves Road. There are so many choices here but some of our favorites are Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, and Ngilgi Cave. Or if you have had your fill of nature for the day and are keen for a cold beer or a nice wine then simply hop in your car and drive north towards Busselton or South towards Margaret River and you will pass more breweries and wineries than you can count on two hands.