Indian Ocean Drive

Stunning beaches meets towering sand dunes, national parks, wild flowers, local delicacies and much more. The Indian Ocean Drive is the stretch of highway running from Yanchep to Dongara and it is one of the most beautiful scenic routes you will encounter. If you plan on taking the long way there, this is the best way to do it...


This is the first town that you will come across as you drive north of Perth and according to some it is still part of Perth’s northern suburbs. Although widely known for its stunning national park, Yanchep has many coastal treasures as well such as Two Rocks, the lost theme park of Atlantis and even the famous Wedge Island which is just a bit further north.


To all the adrenalin junkies out there this place was made for you. From surfing to sandboarding to kiteboarding there is something here to get everyone’s heart racing with excitement. This tiny fishing town features a world class wave for some stunning surf sessions and some pristine wind conditions for those who prefer to kiteboard or windsurf. And for those who wish to get their heart pumping out of the water then the sea of gigantic snow-white sand dunes just east of the city are for you. Here you can sandboard till your heart's content or simply walk around in awe of these giant dune formations that will have you feeling as if you were transported to a faraway desert.

Indian Ocean Drive

The Pinnacles

One of the most visited tourist destinations in all of WA is in fact the Pinnacles and once you witness the otherworldly landscape for yourself you will understand why. Here a lost city of stoic pillars emerges from the depths of the ever shifting sand dunes that make up the Pinnacle Desert. These extraordinary ancient rock formations are part of the Nambung National park and can be witnessed from the comfort of your own car as you drive through the self-guided tour of the park. For some truly stunning photos try to visit during sunrise or sunset.


We truly only have one reason for you to stop here and that is to fill your belly with some of WA’s finest Western Rock Lobster. Here in Cervantes you will find the lobster processing factory and restaurant the Lobster shack. A true all around experience, you will have the opportunity to see the whole process of catching a lobster all the way to processes, cooking, and plating it. If you are keen, jump on board one of the fishing vessels and catch part of the lobster catching action, or if you prefer dry land book in for a tour of the factory where you can see how the lobsters are shipped LIVE to destinations around the world.

Jurien Bay

By far one of the most spectacular marine interactions awaits in the town of Jurien Bay. Here is where a resident population of the rare Australian sea lion resides. But best of all you can get up close and personal with these puppy dogs of the sea on a sea lion watching cruise. A small tour boat will take you just off the coast of Jurien Bay to the Jurien Bay Marine Park where your new friends will be waiting to swim with you and if you are lucky even come in for a closeup or a selfie.


Chances are this little town along with its twin Port Denison haven’t made it into too many guide books but they embody a true coastal village charm that we think shouldn’t be missed. The gentle Irwin River meanders its way between the two towns creating a scenic landmark for tourists and locals alike. Be sure to check out the Illegal Tender Rum Co while you are there. Founded in 2015 this small operation has been reaching big heights, winning 16 international awards and producing 3 world class spirits. Be sure to drop by the cellar door for a tour and a tasting.