The vibrant city of Fremantle is a unique blend of new modern, eclectic alternative vibes set to the backdrop of an old colonial shipping port. This intricate blend of old with new creates an enriching cultural experience in one of Perth’s most famous suburbs. Here is a place where maritime, convict, and colonial history blends with buzzing markets, lively bars, al fresco dining, and an undeniable alternative lifestyle. The streets here are filled with music and artists are around every corner.

Getting There

Located just south of the Perth city center Fremantle (or “freo” as the locals lovingly call it) is easily accessible. Just a quick 30 minutes’ drive or train ride from the city. But the best way to get there is by ferry from Barrack St in the city center. Here you can take advantage of a leisurely cruise down the Swan River that will drop you in Fremantle where you are free to explore till your heart's content. Fremantle is also a very pedestrian friendly city so it is easy to get around by foot once there.

Things to Do:

Cappuccino Strip: This legendary street offers outdoor cafes as far as the eye can see. This is the perfect spot for you to sit and enjoy a nice cuppa or a locally brewed beer or WA wine while watching the hustle and bustle or the street unfold before you. This strip is also famous for its street performers. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of some local favourite performers such as the Bad Piper


Fremantle Markets: Experience exotic aromas, sights, and sounds of a historic icon that has been bustling for more than 100 years. The Fremantle markets date back to 1897 and have always been providing the locals with fresh produce and more. In recent days the market is one of the main tourist attractions in the state. With over 150 stalls that offer anywhere from local produce, clothes, to local handmade items you will definitely find something here for everyone.

Boat Harbour: Historically speaking and history buff would love this location. The boat harbor has been in operation since the early 1900s and in arguably the best preserved 19th century port streetscape in the world. On the non history side of things this is the perfect place to grab some local fish and chips and check out one of Freo’s most famous breweries, Little Creatures.

Fremantle Prison: It is not often that a prison will be high on one’s list of places to see but like most things in Fremantle, normality is thrown out the window. A visit to the Fremantle prison will transport you back to the colonial times. Consider a nighttime 9- minute torchlight tour as you creep through old prison cells while listening to tales of escapees.

Live Music: This is arguably the heart of the Freo scene. Live music drips off every street corner whether it be a travelling busker or a famous band. You would be hard pressed to spend time in Freo and not meet a handful of musicians or ‘musos’ as they are often referred to as. At the epicenter of this live music scene is Freo Social, a music venue with a cutting edge sound system and on site brewery. So put on your dancing shoes and hit the streets and enjoy the vibrant, creative, and fun-loving Freo vibes as the music shuffles you from one venue to the next.

Fremantle is a city that is beyond proud of its authenticity and creativity and it shows. Come and join the free spirited anything goes attitude and get infected with the positive vibes of this alternative Perth suburb.