Fremantle Markets

Culture, heritage, shopping, and food, what more could you need on a sunny weekend in Perth’s popular suburb of Fremantle. The Fremantle Markets date back all the way to 1897 when Fremantle was a bustling port for maritime trade and travel. The market now houses over 150 stalls and is one of the leading tourist destinations in all of Western Australia.

The rich history here drips from every brick of the historic building that still houses the weekly markets. If you close your eyes and listen closely you might even still be able to hear the horse drawn carts pottering down the cobblestone entrance, bursting to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables. The vibrant culture and heritage of this historic place is not lost in its modern state. For over 100 years this market has proudly opened its doors to locals and visitors alike, tempting them with tasty treats, fresh produce, and handmade treasures for over one century.

Fremantle Markets

The markets are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday so be sure to work your Perth itinerary around coming here on one of those days. There is nothing more disappointing than trekking all the way down to Freo only to find closed doors and empty halls. For the main hall the opening hours are from 9am-6pm. The hall is where you will find most of your handmade goods and other bits and bobs such as souvenirs for purchase. The Yard is open from 8am-6pm and features food stalls and fresh produce.

In the main hall you will discover some amazing local talents with beautiful handmade goods for sale. From handcrafted jewelry to clothes, bags, soaps, and much more you will be sure to find the perfect gift for anyone (including yourself!) If you know much about Fremantle then you know it is simply bursting at the seams with creative individuals and lucky for you they are all in one convenient location. Be sure to check out the local handmade jewelry from Indigo Dreaming Designs, she actually uses sea glass that she collects from local Fremantle beaches for her designs! Or pay a visit to Karl and admire his gorgeous handmade pens.

Once you have shopped to your hearts delight and checked off your presents list for yourself and others then it is time to head to the yard for a bite to eat and possibly even some fresh fruit and veg to take home with you. There are so many amazing food stalls here it can be hard to decide but we can help you out with a few of our favorites. Of course the classic choice of indulgence at the markets is Levi’s Doughnuts. These warm, fresh, fluffy clouds of heaven are served with a blackberry jam or dark chocolate filling and don't worry they are generously covered in cinnamon sugar. Now for the savory side of things there are way too many options for one visit to the markets so either be sure to come extremely hungry so you can have all the food or come a few days in a row to slowly chip away at the delicacies.

For ramen, look no further than Dosukoi, their bowls of ramen are like a warm hug on a cold winter day. Next up is a taste of authentic Indonesia all the way in Fremantle. The Fluffy Lamb is actually one of the worlds best indoseain restaurants with the famous Indonesian chef Tony Darwinto behind the grill. For the breakfast lovers Eggspot is your spot, the eggy brioche buns they churn out are stuffed with all the goodies ranging from cheese and bacon to avo and hash browns. And don’t forget to wash all the culinary goodness down with a drink from the Coffee Connection or Alive Juice.