Coogee Beach

If you are looking for a beach in Perth with crystal clear blue waters, family safe swimming, as well as one of the best snorkel trails in the city then look no further then Coogee Beach. This beach is one of Perth’s best kept secrets. Often overlooked being in the shadow of Fremantle, the city's tourist hotspot, this 7km stretch of white sandy beach has so much to offer for locals and tourists alike.

You will quickly see why this is considered one of Western Australia’s most pleasant beaches. Hop in the gorgeous blue water behind the eco shark net for a worry free swim, cast a line off the jetty and try your luck at bringing home fresh fish for dinner, walk along the white sandy shore, snorkel a historic shipwreck, get out on the water with a boat and enjoy a day of fun under the sun. Coogee beach is conveniently only a 5 minute’s drive from the tourist hub of Fremantle so it is a great place to base yourself during your stay in Perth.

The fishing jetty and the shark net give the beach its unforgettable character. The jetty is the perfect spot to walk along to enjoy the sunset over the Indian Ocean or cast in a line and test your luck at fishing. You might even be lucky enough to spot a pelican scouting for leftover fishing scraps on the jetty. The shark net makes this beach the perfect place for families or cautious swimmers. This large man made netting provides a safe and worry free space that is quite large but still unobtrusive to the marvelous landscape of Coogee.

Coogee Beach

However the biggest attraction at this beach would have to be the Omeo Wreck which is the centerpiece of the Coogee Maritime Trail. This wreck is from a boat that came ashore from the Fremantle port in 1905 and got bogged in the sands of Coogee where it still remains today. Over the years the ship has slowly deteriorated and integrated itself into the underwater landscape of Coogee and is now enjoyed by visitors from around the world.

Omeo is Perth’s most accessible shore based shipwreck and the perfect spot for novice snorkelers, young swimmers, or even beginning divers. Located only 25 meters off the shore the wreck is easily accessible and it is submerged in water that is only 2-4 meters deep making it great for all ages and swimming abilities.

If you are keen for a day full of underwater exploration and adventure then you should venture on the full Coogee Maritime Trail, of which the Omeo wreck is only a small part of. There are more than 55 structures waiting to be discovered along this snorkel trail. Anywhere from reef pyramids, swim through sculptures, a cannon replica, a mystery railway wheel, a folding stock anchor, a sea lion sculpture, a selfie porthole and so much more are lying just below the surface waiting for you.

You will also encounter an extensive array of marine life while enjoying the snorkel trail. If you are lucky you will get to see stingrays, the occasional seal or dolphin and of course a wide variety of fish. This trail is a great chance to brush up on your maritime knowledge as there are underwater educational plaques around every bend that lead you through an underwater discovery of all the underwater attractions you will encounter along the way, some of them even marine artifacts from the WA museum.

So next time you are in Perth and looking for the perfect family friendly beach packed full of adventure look no further than Coogee Beach. The little ones will be entertained for hours swimming in the safe haven of the eco shark barrier. The adventure seekers, explorers, history buffs, and ocean lovers will love exploring the Omeo Wreck and the Coogee Maritime Trail. So grab your beach towels, sunnies, snorkel, and head over to Coogee for a day full of fun under the sun.