Collie Area

What if we told you we had the perfect plan for a weekend away from Perth that didn’t involve the beach, had more coal than sand, and more blue water than the Indian Ocean. The small coal mining town of Collie has recently hit the lists of top getaways from Perth and it’s all because of a couple of photos that went viral on social media. Before this sleepy little coal town was sitting on a gold mine of tourism that they were soon to discover, and it is all thanks to the humble coal mining roots of Collie.

Back in the 1950s two coal mines were decommissioned and filled with water to create artificial lakes. Due to the nature of these lakes creation they somehow came to be the most blue glowing waters you have ever seen before. This little hidden gem has been starting to get the tourist recognition it rightly deserves as instagrammers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts headed down to witness the lure of the crystal blue waters.

Now at the heart of this newly discovered tourist destination is undoubtedly Black Diamond Lake. Photos from the blue waters of this lake mystified people online to the point where they had to come see if for themselves in person. On a clear sunny day the lake sparkles and gleams with a shade of blue that can only be described as electrifying. This is the perfect spot for a leisurely day-long hang with friends and family. Find a shady spot along the water’s edge and enjoy countless hours of picnicking, swimming, SUPing, kayaking, or our personal favorite floaty chilling on the pristine blue waters. Don’t forget to get the perfect shot for the gram and continue the viral spread of this unforgettable destination.

After you are done soaking up the fun and sun at Black Diamond Lake head on down the road to Wellington National Park. Here you can go on countless hikes through the forest filled with Jarrah, Marri and Blackbutt trees. Many of the hikes here are quite picturesque due to the fact that the Collie Rivers flows through the gorge below creating stunning views and peaceful river-side walks through the bushland vegetation. Wellington National Park is also home to some of Western Australia’s most secret as well as most coveted swimming holes. For the most coveted head to Honeymoon Pool, a swimming hole paradise surrounded by bushland in the heart of the National Park. If you are looking for a secret secluded swimming holes then head on over to Long Pool. This place is so secret that google maps doesn't even know about.

Collie Area

Now for our personal favorite attraction in the region would have to be Stockton Lake. This lake is another decommissioned mine turned into a lake with the same mystifying blue waters. However at Stockton Lake camping is permitted and you are able to pitch your tent or park up your vehicle just meters away from the water’s edge. Believe us there is nothing better than waking up to watching the mist drift over the glassy surface of the electric blue waters. This spot is also the go to spot for water sports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and jet skiing because motorboats are allowed on this lake.

Once you have had your fill of blue waters, fun in the sun, and snapping the perfect photo and you finally pack up camp and head back to the big city, we suggest you consider taking the slow route home. There are quite a few little treasures between Collie and Perth that will not only break up your drive but also provide you some additional excitement to your weekend away. We suggest you start your meander home at Collie’s most coveted coffee spot, Wagon 537. This small wagon car turned café sits in the main park in Collie and offers spectacular coffee and tasty sweet treats to kickstart your day. Next head on down the road to Harvey Cheese, a famous cheese factory where you can even do a master class in the fine art of crafting cheese. Afterwards we recommend that you head over to the Stirling Cottage for lunch. At this cute little historic café you can sit out on a balcony overlooking the river with a lush garden complete with fountain and mini orange orchard at your feet. And last stop for the slow meander home is the famous Serpentine Falls located just one hour outside of the city. The perfect spot for an afternoon dip or family picnic.

As you can see this sleepy little coal town of Collie is bursting at the brim with newly discovered destination hot spots. A true gem of the South West and Western Australia’s premier trail town that attracts both local, national, and international bushwalking and mountain biking enthusiasts. But let’s be real, the true attraction of this area is the mystifying blue waters of Black Diamond Lake and Stockton Lake. But don’t take our word for it, head on down and be enchanted by the blue waters for yourself.