Chasing Waterfalls: Perth’s Best Waterfall Destinations

If you are looking for a little nature adventure and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city then head on down to some of the spectacular waterfalls that are nestled in the Perth surrounds. Most are only a short 30 minute drive out of the CBD and the furthest one is still under one hour. So hop in your car and take a break from the city for a bit. Take your shoes off and get your feet wet while relaxing to the sounds of soothing waters.

Serpentine Falls

This waterfall is the most popular one in the Perth surrounds and the best destination if you are after a calm day filled with swimming, sunshine, and picnics. Located just 50 minutes drive from the Perth CBD this hidden oasis has a series of walks for all skill levels, swimming areas, and lovely riverside barbeques. This waterfall is the only one that requires an entry fee but it is well worth it especially if you plan to stay the day. Otherwise if you have the WA parks pass you can go for free. If time permits we highly recommend the Baldwin Bluff walk. It is a steep track and about 6k return but the stunning views at the top make the effort well worth it.

Bells Rapids Falls

This destination is arguably Perth’s second favorite waterfall destination alongside Serpentine Falls. Also just a short trip outside of the city and located in the Swan Valley region makes for another perfect day trip or after work mission. Enjoy the stunning scenery and the fresh air as you wander through the area. If you are up for a bit of an adventure then you can also try to find the little brother to Bells Rapids. Although only located just a few hundred meters away it can be tricky to find. However if you park at the Bells Lookout, look at the rapids and then walk at a 45 degree angle you will hopefully stubble across this hidden gem in a couple of hundred meters. Complete with a firepit and city views this 25 meter waterfall is a gem if you manage to find it.

Perth Waterfalls

Lesmurdie Falls

When you come here it is hard to believe that the CBD is only 30 minutes behind you. This stunning waterfall is perfect for a quick escape from the city and the walk from both car parks is very short and manageable if you are crunched for time. Follow the pathway up or down the waterfall to get great views from both vantage points. If you are after some stunning city views then consider some of the walks at the top of the falls and if you are up for it be sure to check out Lions Lookout.

Whistlepipe Gully

Also located in Lesmurdie is another lesser known waterfall called Whistlepipe Gully. If you follow the path alongside the stream you will eventually stumble upon a small waterfall with stunning city views as well as glimpses of the Swan Coastal Plain. Follow along the route a bit more and you will keep stumbling across tiny waterfalls while enjoying the lush overgrown wonderland that often inhabits the area. There is also a possibility of wandering across an old Japanese style cottage if you are lucky so keep your eyes peeled.

Ellis Brook Valley (Sixty Foot Falls)

Another short 30 minute drive from Perth CBD will take you to our final waterfall destination. Here at Ellis Brook Valley you will hike up a short but steep trail to your final destination. Along the way enjoy the views of the city and the valley below. You will also wander past the Old Barrington Quarry as you follow along the main trail. Feel free to adventure closer to the quarry if you are curious but don't swim because it is still filled with unfriendly bacteria. If it is spring season in Perth this waterfall should be top on your list because it has one of the best wildflower displays Perth has to offer.