Caves of WA South West

Majority of the most iconic caves in Western Australia are all congregated in the south west region of the state. The Margaret river region in particular has over 150 limestone caves with some of the most stunning ones open to the public through tours that range anywhere from self-guided to full adventure tours. Watch lights dance across a still lake in the center of a cave, or scramble down a steel ladder through a tight hole to explore the deepest hidden pathways. There is even a cave with wheelchair access so everyone in the family will be sure to have a grand time exploring these ancient formations.

Lake Cave, Margaret River

This cave is truly a sight to behold. As you descend down the 350 steps through a sunken forest into the main cavern you will emerge into a crystal chamber with a stunning lake as the centerpiece. Watch as the lights dance and reflect off the cave walls and project their perfect image in the still calm waters of the lake below. The experience is made even more magical by a light show that perfectly highlights the stunning features of this unique cave.

Caves of WA South West

Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup

This cave has a rich history and is actually the first cave in Western Australia to open for tourists. The Ngilgi cave sets itself apart from the others with a large number of naturally formed shawls that date back to over 386,000 years ago. As with most caves in the area a tour is required to visit but here there are a few options for tours that will satisfy everyone from the thrill seekers to the more reserved cave enthusiasts. The Ancient Riverbed and the Explorer Adventure tours are definitely the ones to go for if you are after a bit more adventure. These tours provide a unique up close and personal tour through some of the caves' deeper structures and in some cases you will find your group immersed in complete darkness. For a more relaxed tour try the semi guided show cave tour which allows you to experience the formations from the safety of a viewing platform.

Mammoth Cave, Margaret River

This particular cave earns its name from a truly enormous cavern at the entrance to the cave. Mammoth cave is also one of the few caves in WA that contains ancient fossils of extinct animals. However this cave is the best option for people who prefer to explore at their own leisure because it is the only cave in the area that permits self-guided audio tours. Mammoth cave also has wheelchair access to the first cavern making it an easy choice for those with disabilities. And a visit to Mammoth Cave is not complete without an explore through the Marri Walk Trail nearby.

Jewel Cave, Augusta

Jewel Cave is possibly one of the largest tourist caves in Western Australia and is considered to have one of the world’s most spectacular cave shows. Watch the three main caverns come alive with lights projected across the gleaming crystal ornaments hanging from the ceiling and growing from the floor. This cave also has one of the longest straw stalactites found in a tourist cave and reaching over 580 centimeters.

Giants Cave, Margaret River

This cave is not for the faint of heart. If you are after an adventure then this is your spot. Upon arrival you will be dawned with torches and helmets. The tour will navigate you through vertical ladder climbs, rock scrambles, tight squeezes, enormous chambers, and much more. This is without a doubt one of the most immersive and adventurous caving adventures in the state.