Caversham Wildlife Park

The Caversham Wildlife Park should be on the top of every animal lovers list of things to do in Perth. Located just 15 kilometers from the city center, a short 20 minute drive can transport you to one of the largest collections of native fauna in all of Western Australia. This family owned and operated wildlife park is a tourist highlight and showcases many of Australia’s unique native animals. Here you will have the opportunity of a close up encounter with Aussie icons such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, possums and more.

As you spend the day getting up close and personal with Australia’s rich array of native animals the knowledgeable park staff will tell you about their work and how it protects the fragile ecosystems in western Australia that many of these native species call home. This park is not only a renowned tourist attraction but it is also a massive contributor to conservation efforts such as education programs, community outreach, fundraising, and breeding.

The park was purchased in 1988 and housed a small collection of animals on a modest 5 acre property. Now Caversham Wildlife Park is home to 200 different species and over 2000 animals, birds, and reptiles. This collection of animals is the largest privately owned collection of native wildlife in WA and includes dingoes, emus, quokkas, penguins, eagles, wallabies, flying foxes and much more. Visitors from around the world are attracted to the unique interactive experiences offered with Australia’s most interesting animals.

When planning your trip to Caversham keep in mind that many of the unique interactive experiences run on a schedule, often with two opportunities to participate, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. There are also some experiences that are open throughout the day such as the kangaroo enclosure. Here you can walk through a spacious area full of kangaroos peacefully lounging about. You can even try to feed some of the curious marsupials with some of the free food provided.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Another main attraction of the park is the Meet the Wombat and Friends show. Here you will be transported to a simple outback Australian homestead where you will have the opportunity to meet some carefully selected Aussie icons. Friendly wildlife staff will assist you as you meet and have your photo taken with friends such as the wombat, possum, quoll, owls, python, and lizards.

Next up is the famous Caversham Park Farm Show. Here you can learn all about true-blue Aussie farming. You can watch a live sheep shearing demonstration, try your hand at cracking a stock whip, milk a cow, bottle feed a baby lamb, meet a real-life stockman on horseback, swing a billy, and watch as sheep dogs muster sheep. During the show they might even ask for volunteers so be sure to get involved and put your hand up, kids and adults are all encouraged to get involved in this unique Aussie show.

Be sure to also visit Molly’s farm, a section of the park that is a miniature interactive farmyard complete with a hatchery and nursery. Here you can enjoy interactions with animals such as goats, deer, llamas, alpacas, buffalos, ostriches, and many more. This farmyard is suitable for all ages and houses very friendly animals for you to interact with.

Other highlights of the park include the once daily penguin feeding as well as the unique opportunity to meet and have your photo taken with a koala. The koalas will be perched on a tree about shoulder or waist height and you will be able to stand next to them as you get the perfect photo opportunity with your new favorite Aussie local.

One amazing thing about Caversham Wildlife Park is that all the interactive experiences and unique photo opportunities as well as animal food are included in the entry fee so feel free to get snap happy as you capture the magic. Afterwards consider admiring the stunning landscapes of the surrounding vineyards or award-winning restaurants in the nearby Swan Valley. It is Easy to see why this park is so special and a must do while visiting Perth. Where else can you hand feed kangaroos, milk a cow, meet a koala, and watch cheeky penguins all within 30 minutes of the city.