Best Bars for Live Jazz in Perth

For those nights when you are after a bit of a bogey with a vibe consider heading out to some of these cozy, lively, and intimate bars that will fill your ears with some of the best live jazz sets around. Enjoy watching the multi piece band play sensuous jazz tunes as you sip your glass of red and enjoy being transported on a musical journey in the dimly lit warm venue. As the night goes on things tend to heat up and you can watch as couples dawn their dancing shoes and hit the dance floor. You will see anything from young amatures to some very talented oldies with moves that will have you equally as mesmerized as the music. So sit back and enjoy the show, or hit the dance floor for a little bogey of your own.

Duke of George

This cozy little venue is situated in East Freo along the famous George St. Settle in for a true New Orleans jazz vibe where the tunes combine some soulful blues into the classic jazz genre. These top shelf jazz musicians are packed to the brim with talent and will have the crowd mesmerized for the whole set. While enjoying the show be sure to try something from the menu as well. Also inspired by New Orleans you can sample some Southern Louisiana delicacies made from locally sourced produce.

The Jazz Cellar

One of Perth’s worst kept secrets by far. This secret little venue is relatively well known and for good reason. Located underneath a little red phone booth in Mt Hawthorn, a small flight of stairs will take down into a cozy little music cellar. This place is all about jazz and it is a relatively serious affair here. Be sure to book your tickets ahead of time because it isn’t open all the time and only a small audience can fit inside. The venue will provide you with some tantalizing tunes and all you have to do is bring some food and drink along for a stellar time. So stop in at the local pizza shop and the coroner bottle-o before transporting yourself down through the not so secret telephone booth.

Jazz Bars Perth

Rodney’s Bait and Tackle

Wow where do we even begin with this place! An amazing bar to say the least! Located in the up and coming Mosman Park this little bar packs a punch that will have you coming back for more. This little dive bar will have you feeling like you are in an old school fishing town bait shop in no time. The bar inside this venue is even made out of an old boat. In the front is a small stage that one night a week will cram a small jazz ensemble in and get the crowd moving for a good time.

Swallow Bar

A vibrant tiny little venue located just across Mayland’s train station. If you are after a place that is quaint, local and cozy then you have come to the right spot. Here you will find live music on Thursday and Sunday nights that is perfectly coupled with their carefully curated selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

Ellington Jazz Club

Now for the grand finale. The Ellington Jazz Club is Perth’s go-to for live jazz and it is open nearly every night of the week. This is by far one of Perth’s more popular and well established jazz venues. Through these doors some of the top tier jazz musicians from Australia and abroad will come to showcase their musical talents. Come for some world class music as you enjoy the warm intimate environment, but be warned this place has a reputation for getting pretty rowdy especially for late night shows so don't expect to be sitting in your seat for long.